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Living room

Living Room

A room for living or typically a bridge to get you, your family and your house connected with the outer world and to yourself is called a living room. It’s the first place you see when you return from the outer world to yours. The living room is the first impression of you and your house to an outsider. It is the reflection of you, your philosophy towards living, and a heart of your home. Here we bring 100+ Vivacious Living Room Designs for you to explore from.



 Kitchen is one that is made in a factory and custom-designed to suit your needs and budget.Our round up of kitchen trends reveals the key colours, textures and finishes to suit every kitchen space. Check out some of our popular modular kitchen designs.



Kids Room is a place where unimaginable imaginations are unveiled and witnessed is the growth of a child well nurtured. This particular room design has a capability and flexibility to explore various languages as the end user is growing to understand the surroundings they dwell in. It is one of the most important area of the house which needs a sharp design eye and understanding which will ultimately affect the growth of a child



A bedroom is a personal space for unwinding and relaxing and that’s why you must choose the color according to your personality and style.The wall colors should not only brighten up but also set the mood of the space. It should blend with the feeling you want to experience when you walk in your bedroom.